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Accentuate your outdoor space with our Bluestone pavers and tiles, sourced from premium natural stone quarries.

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For a stylish and aesthetic finish to your pool, drop edge pool copers are the perfect addition to cover those visible, thin adhesive lines.

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All You Need To Know About Bluestone

Bluestone is commonly used as the paving material for your exterior landscapes. Ask any contractor or architect about the best paving stone for your house, and chances are they will tell you to install bluestone. Have you ever wondered what makes bluestone such a popular choice for your exteriors? Or, what is it about bluestone paving that gives your home a luxury feel?
Well, for starters, the dark and cool tones of this natural stone look outstanding.

There is something about the dark palettes of bluestone that can enhance any dull landscape, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your exteriors. From colors to beauty and from functionality to durability, bluestone is indeed one of the few stone pavers that can enhance the curb appeal of almost any house – whether it is a retro-style home or a modern and luxurious villa.

It is unsurprising that blue stone pavers are Melbourne’s most popular choice in natural stone tiling, given it’s alluring, rich tones and its unique ability to conform to all landscape designs.

Bluestone pavers are an excellent choice for both contemporary and modern homes, as their colour variations from neutral grey to rich blue are perfect for all outdoor spaces.

Depending on the aesthetic and colour tone you’re wanting to achieve, we have options that range from light shades such as European bluestone, down to dark tones such as Harkaway bluestone, each with their own variation in natural pitting.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we supply the finest bluestone pavers that exceed quality expectations, delivered direct to your doorstep from our warehouse in south-east Melbourne.

For over 35 years, we’ve been supplying the best bluestone pavers Melbourne residents have come to know and love.

Our bluestone tiles have contributed to countless residential and commercial projects right across Victoria, making us one of the most revered suppliers with affordable prices.

Our team of stone experts have the knowledge and ability to provide in-depth guidance on installation and maintenance of your bluestone pavers. If you are still confused about if the bluestone look is right for your home, we can also help point you in the right direction with quality advice.

Our warehouse stocks the finest bluestone pavers sourced from worldwide quarries, meaning that we have travelled far and wide to provide the best natural stone tiles for your outdoor space.

Bluestone, like all natural stone, is naturally hard-wearing, durable and capable of withstanding the harshest summers and coldest winters.

With the unpredictable climate of Melbourne, sealed bluestone paving makes the perfect choice for outdoor areas that are susceptible to both rain and cold temperatures.

In order to get longevity out of your bluestone tiles, it’s strongly advised to seal them, especially in high traffic areas like pathways and poolside areas. Sealing them ensures that they maintain their high quality and will require less ongoing maintenance.

Natural stones such as bluestone also come with natural ailments such as pitting (cats paw). Bluestone is usually revered for its unique catspaw finish, but some homeowners may prefer to have them removed to achieve a more refined finish.

If you are looking for a cleaner, more aesthetic look, it’s recommended to use a colour-matching grout to alleviate some of the natural pitting that occurs in natural stone tiles.

As a leading bluestone supplier for over 3 decades, we’ve been supplying Melbournians with the finest bluestone pavers sourced from premium worldwide quarries.

Our stone has comprised countless residential and commercial projects all across Victoria, providing high quality bluestone at affordable prices that doesn’t compromise on quality.

For decades, bluestone was the leading choice in building material for historically significant buildings throughout Melbourne, a testament that still rings true to this day.

Even today, original laneways and streets are still comprised of basalt (bluestone), spanning throughout the city, all the way through the CBD.

Incorporate a piece of history into your outdoor space with our bluestone pavers, ideal for bringing those rich, earthy, dark tones from the Melbourne streets to your home with ease.

With its variations in colour shades and pitting, bluestone is one of the most suitable stones that conforms to both modern and contemporary landscape designs.

Given its hard-wearing and weather-resistant properties, bluestone poses a great deal of versatility and can be used in many different outdoor applications.

Bluestone outdoor pavers are naturally durable and salt-resistant, meaning they can be used around highly porous areas such as swimming pools, spas, ponds and patios.

Our bluestone tiles can be paired up with matching pool coping tiles, helping you achieve a consistent, uniform and minimalist look for your poolside area.

Not only are they ideal for pools, but they make the perfect addition to indoor and outdoor areas in the form of pathways, stepping stones, kitchens and bathrooms. They also work very well as driveway pavers, given their robust nature, so long as you pick a paver between 20mm-30mm for durability.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we stock a wide range of pool pavers and natural stone tiles, including limestonegranitetravertine and sandstone.