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Achieve your desired aesthetic with our high-quality granite pavers and tiles.



As a premium granite supplier in Melbourne, we understand that having an endless choice of colours, styles, materials and finishes is vital to achieving your desired aesthetic for your indoor or outdoor space.

Being a dense, premium and durable stone, granite tiles can be used in a variety of different applications, making it the ideal natural stone for residential or commercial projects as well as traditional and contemporary homes.

Over the years, granite has formed to be a popular choice for walkways, stepping stones, cladding and even for kitchen benchtops due to its hardwearing properties. Granite paving is particularly common in outdoor areas that require a simple, stylish finish without compromising on quality.

Check out our collection of granite outdoor tiles. For those wishing to visit our showroom in person to view our full range of granite pavers, we are available Monday to Saturday.

Granite is an extremely solid, crystalline igneous rock formed deep in Earth’s magma composed mostly of quartz, feldspar, mica and plagioclase.

The minerals in the stone form from magma that slowly cools and solidifies at extreme temperatures, producing its natural durability and hard-wearing profile.

Depending on the minerals found in the molten rock, granite can take on many different colours, ranging from white, light grey to darker, rich colours.

Our granite pavers are no different – they have been formed under extreme pressure, making them dense and durable for any outdoor application.

Granite is also very forgiving with staining, as it’s water-resistant characteristics make it ideal for use around wet areas such as pools, spas, water features, patios and ponds.

When it comes to natural stone tiles, granite is one of the hardest stones used in many different commercial and residential applications.

Because of it’s mottled fleck appearance, granite pavers suit modern home designs that rely on light to dark grey colour palettes but can also pair well with more traditional architectural designs.

The practicality and versatility of granite pavers makes them the ideal choice as outdoor pavers and for areas such as patios stepping stones and pool surrounds.

Granite cobblestones are also the perfect choice for driveway pavers, as their durable nature makes them suitable to withstand high traffic areas such as driveways and pathways.

With a wide range of colours, sizes, textures and finishes, granite tiles are the quintessential natural stone that is used through a range of indoor and outdoor projects all across Melbourne and Victoria.

Homeowners all across Australia love using granite as their preferred pool paving option, given it’s elegance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

With its textured finish, granite is revered for its non-slip qualities that are sleek underfoot and all of our outdoor granite pavers are able to paired with matching pool coping tiles for seamless integration.

For all natural stone pavers, it is recommended to seal them to preserve the longevity and beauty of the stone. When sealing granite pavers, it’s advised to use an invisible, penetrating sealer to ensure colour consistency.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, our granite pool coping range provides a range of sizes and colours that are guaranteed to breathe elegance and new life into your outdoor space.

Established in 1985, we’ve been supplying Victorians with quality granite tiles for over 35 years.

Not only are we Melbourne’s largest supplier of granite pavers, we also supply natural stone pavers such as bluestone, travertine, sandstone and limestone.

Our showroom located in Doveton showcases all of our beautiful natural stone, stone cladding, stepping stones, crazy paving and pool coping tiles so no matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee we have what you’re looking for. We also stock marble look tiles, that provide the natural opulence of marble tiles but at rock bottom prices.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, pride ourselves on providing the best customer assistance possible for all of our customers, helping provide insight with paver choice, installation and maintenance of your stone tiles.

When it comes to choosing a hard-wearing stone, granite tiles rank as one of the most durable and stain-resistant stones out there.

Granite is extremely difficult to chip, wear down, damage and is perfect for areas such as fireplaces and barbecues.

Whilst sealing all natural stone pavers is recommended, you may only need to seal granite every 5-15 years depending on the area, traffic and exposure to elements.

Perfect as outdoor tiles, granite pavers are the ideal long-term paving solution for poolsides and pathways.

From stunning granite countertops to beautiful bathrooms, granite is extremely versatile and allows you to unleash your creativity.