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We supply Melbourne’s largest of limestone pavers and tiles at affordable prices.



The natural, lightly coloured shade of limestone makes it a perfect addition to any outdoor or indoor space.

Limestone is a durable, versatile natural stone tile that works well in a range of applications, including around poolside, alfresco, dining, patios and bathroom areas.

For the ultimate interior makeover, limestone is the ideal choice with its smooth surface, neutral tones and simple sophistication. They’re also capable of withstanding the elements, and won’t react adversely to extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

At Pavers Melbourne, we have an extensive range of shapes, finishes and colours, so our limestone tiles help add an organic feel to your space by tying in with the rest of your aesthetic.

When it comes to improving your outdoor space, natural stone tiles are the perfect way to breathe new life into dated areas at an affordable price.

Limestone pavers and tiles are durable and do not wear easily, making them the ideal outdoor tiling solution for areas with lots of foot traffic.

Like all natural stone, they are naturally porous but do have a slightly smoother surface due to the lack of natural ailments (does not contain cats paw like bluestone pavers) so they will require minimal maintenance.

As a leading supplier of limestone pavers in Melbourne, Pavers Melbourne strives to provide all our customers and tradesmen with the finest limestone available.

Limestone is revered for its durability and ability to withstand the elements, as well providing a smooth, refined finish at a cost-effective price.

Being a natural stone produced by volcanic activity, limestone tiles are earthy and provide a soft colour palette, meaning they look fantastic with most landscape and architectural designs.

As the perfect use for outdoor tiles, limestone pavers also remain cool underfoot in warm weather and are naturally porous, capable of resisting the temperamental climate of Melbourne.

Given their polished surface, limestone is a great choice for a variety of different applications. The beautiful, earthy shades allow for seamless integration between indoor and outdoor areas, producing a stylish and modern finish.

Over the last 35 years we’ve amassed a reputation for providing quality stone tiles at low prices, so it’s no secret we provide the best limestone pavers Melbourne has to offer.

Our range of limestone boasts an array of colours and sizes, from bright white tiles to pearl grey, there’s a colour solution to suit any interior and exterior space.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we also stock limestone pool pavers and pool coping tiles, perfect for creating a sleek and uniform poolside area for the ultimate aesthetic finish.

With a fleet of stone experts, we can provide assistance on limestone tiles as well as pavers, from installation, colour selection and maintenance. Feel free to contact us Monday to Saturday.

When it comes to the applications for limestone, the possibilities are endless.

Given its durability and weather-resistant properties, limestone is the perfect outdoor paver. It can be used as pool pavers, stepping stones, patios, walkways, pond areas and helping tie your overall outdoor area together.

Limestone has non-slip properties and is naturally porous, so if you’re looking to accentuate your pool/spa area with our pool coping tiles by summer, we have the ideal range for your home.

It makes the perfect addition to any interior or exterior area, as they’re easy to clean, respond well to simple washing and resistant to mold and bacteria.

Depending on the application of your limestone tiles, you’ll want to ensure that you maintain a good cleaning schedule. Simply sweep and wipe to remove surface dirt, and consider resealing your tiles every few years to ensure its natural beauty remains.

It’s strongly recommended to seal limestone pavers, given their porous nature. Sealing natural stone will prevent moisture retention and staining and will help preserve its natural beauty.

Ongoing maintenance is made much simpler with sealing and it’s important to make sure you use an invisible, penetrating sealer to avoid colour changes.

Limestone paving is the ideal choice for homeowners who prefer a sleek, silky texture that is smooth to the touch, making it a popular choice over other natural stone pavers such as bluestone and travertine.

For advice with sealing, feel free to chat to our friendly sales team who can provide assistance with ongoing maintenance and installation.