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Get creative with our natural stone crazy paving, designed to bring innovation and flair to your outdoor space.


Crazy Paving Melbourne

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we offer a comprehensive collection of crazy paving. Known for it’s design flexibility and free-form paving, it’s an excellent choice for curved or irregular shaped outdoor and indoor areas.

Traditionally known as flagstone pavers, our crazy paving is sourced from premium natural quarries in randomly shaped individual sizes, with a wide range of different textures and colours available.

Given crazy paving’s texture and natural variations in colour, it is the perfect stone paving solution for driveways, pathways, gardens, courtyards, pool surrounds and driveways. Crazy pavers are the ideal addition to any outdoor space with its unique and innovative style – allowing you to unleash your inner artist.

Commonly known as “flagstone” or “irregular cuts”, crazy paving are stone pavers that are asymmetrically cut and laid out in a mosiac-like or free-form arrangement.

Homeowners and architects revere the natural edges and crazy pavers are perfect for outdoor flooring and walls.

Most pavers suppliers in Melbourne use offcuts or quarry waste to form the basis of their crazy paving by simply sticking them together to emulate one piece.

Our crazy paving is not offcut material and is true crazy pavers with natural edges, no sawn or straight edges.

These pavers also have a natural variation in colour and size, making them a truly unique addition to any outdoor space.

Crazy paving is a natural stone tile, meaning that it is strongly advised to apply a sealing application to assist with ongoing maintenance.

When it comes to your crazy paving installation, grouting and sealing are vital. Grouting refers to filling the wide joints between each pavers for a desired finish and sealing is undertaken to protect the finish and colour of the crazy paving tiles.

Whilst it is not mandatory to seal all natural stone pavers, it is recommended to do so as it preserves the longevity and durability of the stone.

For those who prefer to keep the natural appeal of the stone, you must use an invisible penetrating sealer with no colour changing properties.

Maintenance for your crazy pavers is quite simple. For any stains or dirt, pressure washing is advised and it’s recommended to avoid using chemical agents that could discolour the stone.

When it comes to crazy pavers, our collection boasts an impressive array of bluestone, sandstone, travertine, slate and granite crazy paving in a range of colours and textures.

Our range of crazy paving ensures that you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your lifestyle and desired aesthetic at affordable prices.

Whether you’re using this around your pathways, driveway or patio area, we have the perfect flagstone to help breathe new life into your outdoor area.

For any assistance regarding installation or maintenance of your crazy paving tiles, feel free to contact our stone experts here at Pavers Melbourne.