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Improve your outdoor ambience with our sandstone pavers and tiles, sourced from high quality natural stone.



When it comes to sandstone pavers for your outdoor area, it’s important to understand the the most important aspects regarding installation and maintenance.

Sandstone tiles are the perfect choice for most homes in Melbourne. From rich, coffee coloured sandstone to beige, earthy tones, there’s a colour palette designed to suit both contemporary and traditional designs.

Whether you’re looking to improve your outdoor ambience and entertainment areas, or get your poolside summer ready with stunning sandstone pavers, then Pavers Melbourne has the experts and variety to help you achieve your dream aesthetic.

Sandstone complements your landscape and gives an organic and natural feel to your space without the high price tag.

Sandstone is a form of sedimentary rock that is composed of minerals, sand grains and predominately quartz or feldspar.

Eroded sand is then moved downstream by rivers or by the wind from its source areas to deposit areas, where this sedimentary material then accumulates together to form rock over time at low heat.

As impurities in the minerals may exist, sandstone can come in a variation of shades, such as tan, yellow, red and even black.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we know sandstone pavers like the back of our hand. Our stone experts are more than happy to assist you with any queries regarding selection, installation and maintenance.

Sandstone is no different to other natural stone pavers. Although it is durable and weather-resistant, it still requires care and consideration to maintain its high quality.

When installing your sandstone tiles, it’s strongly recommended to seal them with a high-quality sealant. A spray sealant can be used to build a strong coating over the newly laid sandstone pavers which will protect the stone’s surface from scratches and damage.

For ongoing maintenance, you simply just need to pressure wash or lightly hose down your sandstone pavers. Natural stone doesn’t respond well to chemical agents so avoid using them, as they may discolour the surface of the stone.

If you have placed your sandstone tiles outdoors, keep in mind that high traffic areas such as pools and walkways may require more cleaning with dirt and stain build up.

Sandstone is naturally porous, meaning that excess water and moisture is absorbed by the stone instead of sitting on the surface of the tile (unlike slate tiles).

When water is able to easily penetrate the tiles, it makes sandstone a safe option to be used around pool, spa areas and as outdoor tiles. However, you may want to seal your tiles periodically to ensure they maintain their anti-slip texture.

All of our pool pavers are able to paired up with matching pool coping tiles, to ensure that you create a uniform and aesthetic look for your pool area.

If you’re thinking of using sandstone as your pool paving solution, feel free to contact our friendly experts for advice on sealing, installation and maintenance.

When it comes down to excellence and pricing, our comprehensive range of pavers is simply unrivalled.

As Melbourne’s leading supplier of sandstone for over 35 years, we understand what Melbourne homeowners are looking for – affordability and quality.

Our warehouse stocks the finest sandstone from quarries all over the world, direct to your doorstep anywhere in regional Victoria or metro Melbourne.

If you love the look of sandstone, check out our brown tiles and cream tiles for more inspiration.