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For a stylish and aesthetic finish to your pool, drop edge pool copers are the perfect addition to cover those visible, thin adhesive lines.


Create a softer looking aesthetic with our bullnose pool copers, rounded in-house and suits both contemporary and modern pools.


Simple, sleek and understated. Square edge pool coping tiles sit over the edge of your pool with a square lip and works well with all pool types.


Pool coping is the most vital aspect to consider when it comes to protecting the structural integrity of your swimming pool, whilst maintaining a sleek, modern and elegant look.
Coping is the edging or capping that is placed around the pool shell, assisting the surrounding surface area and allowing for water to drain properly.
Our range of pool coping pavers consist of different styles to suit every pool type and desired aesthetic, including bullnose, drop face and square edge.
Whether you’re renovating or starting a new build, we supply the highest-quality, non-slip pool coping tiles at affordable rates all across Melbourne.

Installing or renovating a new pool takes a lot of consideration, both from a functional and design point of view.

You’ll need to ensure that your lighting, heating, fencing and surrounds are all taken into account for the ultimate outdoor experience.

One of those considerations comes down to the pool coping type, style and colour that will best suit your existing or new outdoor space.

At Pavers Melbourne, we only supply the finest natural stone, which is the perfect choice to withstand harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. Natural stone pavers are also non-slip and soft on feet, making it ideal for kids and pets to walk on.

Our team of experts can help you narrow down your choices from our wide ranging colour palette and help you decide on the perfect pool coping tiles and pool pavers for your poolside area.

No matter what your budget is, our warehouse stocks pavers and pool coping tiles to suit every homeowner’s needs.

All of our copers are comprised from natural stone, meaning they are durable, slip-resistant and can withstand salt and other pool chemicals without fading.

Pool coping is always under constant pressure, whether it be from foot traffic or the weather, it is constantly expanding and contracting so you need a suitable solution for wet areas like pools.

We stock pool coping tiles in bluestone, travertine, sandstone, limestone and granite.

Improving the value of your property is made simple with Pavers Melbourne‘s range of pool coping.

As a homeowner, understanding where to begin in your renovation process can be a difficult task.

Here at Pavers Melbourne, we eliminate the guesswork and provide expert advice on selection, installation and maintenance of pool coping. Our team features a stonemason with over 30 years of experience and a helpful sales team who can assist you with any questions you may have.

It’s also highly recommended to discuss your options with a professional tiler or pool design professional to ensure you receive quality in performance and function of your pool.

Whether you are tiling a concrete or fibreglass pool, we have high-quality pool edge coping that is sure to suit every style of swimming pool.

We supply pool coping in a variety of different finishes to suit your individual taste.

Our range of pool copers come in bullnose, square-edge/tumbled and drop face (rebate).

All of our pool coping tile options provide the same functionality, so ultimately, your choice comes down to cost and desired aesthetic. However, if you have existing paving around your pool, you’ll want to make a selection that complements your current space.

Our coping tiles suit modern and traditional pool designs and with a range of colour palettes, we can help with selecting the perfect choice for your home.

For our complete range of colours, check out our collection below.

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